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Judith Todd-McNichol J.P. D.D.

Congratulations!!! This is a special exciting time for you if you are looking at my website, whether your dreaming right now or actively planning. Thank you for your time. I am very happy for you. My profession is a joyous one, blessed by the couples I have worked with from around this world. They have one thing in common - love.

Each couple is unique in what love means to them. I want to help you express that in the words of your ceremony; a ceremony that is very meaningful for you both. This is your special moment as a couple, a stepping stone into your futures together. The rest of the day will circle around your ceremony on Cape Cod.

I am a specialist on weaving your heart’s thoughts, experiences, and goals into a ceremony made just for your union. This is not something you have heard a thousand times but very much personalized, just written for the two of you. The process of doing this itself is something couples especially enjoy sharing with each other as we delve into expressions of their love. They learn about each other’s feelings. Feeling they may well have never expressed to one another before, feelings that most often go unspoken, will surface. The very process is a gift from each of you to the other, a gift of your hearts. I will turn this gift into your custom written ceremony, with your own vows that I have taken from your expressions of love.

You can combine this with traditional or untraditional elements as fit your needs. I have a smorgasbord of ceremonial ideas and elements I will share as I get to know you both and what speaks to your wants and needs in a ceremony. This is a happy process. Or, if you prefer we can just do a standard simple civil ceremony.

I welcome your communications and look forward to working with you to make your special memories a treasure. Thank you.