Judith Todd-McNichol

Welcome, you in this case, “you” plural are the wedding couple and this is your event no matter the size. What will  make it special are the moments that evolve during this time, moments of joy, moments of your shared history, family, goals, moments of reflection, moments of anticipation, and of course precious moments of love. All these moments tell your story. I can help you make your wedding unique and full of wonderful moments. This is a custom personalized service that leaves no details to chance, like a fingerprint, every ceremony is a one of a kind experience that reflects you both as a couple.

Cape Cod is truly a magical place. Let me help you create an experience impossible to duplicate anywhere else on earth. Cape Cod is such a desirable wedding destination place because of the choices it offers - from elegant world class resorts, to the simplicity of an ocean front wedding in a breath taking environment. Cape offers the best of both worlds - the magnificence of nature combined with the services of world class professionals which can create an elegant event of the highest caliber for your wedding event.

As a Justice of the Peace and a non-denominational minister, I am dedicated to helping you create an experience that is meaningful and memorable - be it civil or whatever religious affiliation you may desire.

I understand why you want to come to the Cape for your wedding. So many people want to be married here on our beaches. In Cape Cod’s special  beauty one can find peace and inner harmony. This is something you can take back home with you, adding no extra weight to your luggage, but rather it has the ability to lift your very spirits.

A visit here can be soul nourishing even life transforming; you will leave personally enriched. The colors of the Cape are neuro stimulating. Greens, salt grasses, and foliage gives a feeling of renewal, hope. Blues of the skies, hydrangeas, and ocean gives one a feeling of calmness, cleansing, nourishment. Tans, starfish, the beaches give you an earthy grounded feeling. The peach raspberry skies of sunset  and sunrise give one a feeling of elation and fun. Colors of the Cape enhance our experience. Sounds of the ocean’s waves and nature adds to your relaxation. Scents of the salt water and Ragusa roses can fill the air.

Spectacular trails, beaches, and overlooks provide moments for photographs, meditation, and contemplation. The Cape is blessed with natural endowments.  It is picturesque.  It is rich in history, lure, and spectacular scenery. Being close to this beauty has a  healing holistic effect on one’s very body and soul.  The natural beauty is extraordinary.

Come to the Cape and let the sands and sea speak to you. You will feel a harmony with this earth, and with yourself as an elemental part of this universe. A visit here is a profound spiritual experience. You can face any problem you have from an inner soul level as this beauty aids you in meditation. The scientific point of view is that Cape Cod is an area of enhanced energy flow, flowing inward on the ocean’s waves and upwards from the sand’s dunes. The oceans energy flows in on it’s waves into the beach’s sands and if you are standing there you will feel this positive energy flow. It is said to give one an ability for inward introspection and like the dunes energy rising up and  the sea gulls flight , your soul can soar with an expansion of consciousness. The experience here will be unique to you, it will resonate within you, you will reconnect with the planet’s own spiritual nature of which you are an important part.

Power, beauty, and the four elements, sand, sun, ocean breeze, and the sea, we are a part of these elements and they are part of us. They have a strong effect on our lives and at the Cape we feel as one with this universes not separated by walls, steel, and cement of a busy city life.

Come to have a strong stepping stone wedding experience into your married life. As an officiate I hope to be able to help each one of you with your experience here. I feel blessed to be able to be in this profession and blessed to live on Cape Cod. Call me  at 508-896-9898 or email me at CapeCodWeddings@comcast.net.